American Bail Bonds -The Basics of a Bail Bond in Las Vegas

How to save someone or himself out of prison with no money at hand? More ways you can finally afford a bail – read more here! 

The Basics of a Bail Bond in Las Vegas

So you got locked up and have no money to save yourself? Don’t Worry — You Have Opportunities! If you were arrested but need to get out so you can take care of your family, go to work, and come back to your other daily duties, the Harrison Bond-Bonds or something else places in Connecticut to help! Our main goal is to help people like you who do not have the means to make bail in a big payment. When you need an emergency rescue bond loan, there is always a way to get one — ALWAYS!

Unfortunately, most of the nation does not have enough money saved for most emergencies, especially emergency situations. Times are tough, making it difficult for citizens to know that much less space, a large amount to free themselves, until their due date. But no one can afford to miss a lot of work. So what’s their choice? There are a couple, actually.

If you have been arrested and have no money to save in advance, not in a panic, visit Vegas Bad Boy now! Fast, Inexpensive and Easy, We Make It Easy To Use Bail To Avoid Prison!

First, You Have to Understand, Bail Basics.

Because most people have never been arrested, most people do not understand how bail works. The US legal system is based on the presumption that the accused are considered innocent until proven otherwise. With this presumption in mind, the government wants to ensure that all those charged with a crime who are able to go about their daily normal life while their case is being processed — otherwise they risk being in prison for several months or even years until proven innocent! On the other hand, the government does not want the criminals to get away, so they ensure that the defendant does not skip city by collecting money or interest in real estate as collateral – also known as “bail.” If the accused shows up to their right to treat and comply with the terms of the bail They get their bail back. If they do not, bail can be revoked and lost and the defendant imprisoned for the rest of their case.


How is the Security Deposit Set?

A judge will consider the following factors prior to setting a rescue amount:

  • The defendant’s criminal record
  • The serious crime
  • The likelihood that the defendant will escape
  • How much of a threat the defendant poses to the community
  • Defendant’s financial resources

Once the security deposit is set, you have the option of paying the full amount, giving the court interest in your real estate or working with a bail bondsman.


But what if you can’t afford to save money?

If the court asks you to pay an amount you cannot afford and if you have no property to deposit as collateral, the judge who can release you on your own hand (OR) Bond, Signature Bond or PR Bond.


Own hand

A judge will only give an OR bond if he or she decides that you are not a flight risk and you are not a threat to the community either. The judge who has reviewed your case and determined that the crime is not serious enough to justify the prison until the trial. Additionally, they rely on you to attend the trial and follow the rules of your bail release.


Signature Bond

If you are not seen as a threat to the community and if the judge does not perceive you as a flight risk, your lawyer may be able to negotiate a signature bond that is very similar to an OR bond in that it does not require any form for payment or co-signer.


PR Bond

Finally, if you have a criminal past, but it is not a fierce one, the judge may decide to release you on a PR bond that comes with provisions that require you to take classes and even go through therapy. As long as you follow the terms of your bonds and are available to all litigation, you will be out of prison.


But what if the judge doesn’t trust you and will not relieve you of any of the above types of bonds? You can still work with the prison bond agency.


On Harri-A-Bail, we can ensure that you are bound and safe from jail until your court date with the following options:


Bail Bonds With a Co-Signer

If you can’t do the rescue yourself and don’t have a good credit rating and job history, we can co-sign your bond and arrange a payment plan. Typically, thick paper payments are 10% to 15% of the set deposit amount.


Payment Plans

We understand that it is almost impossible to anticipate an arrest and therefore almost impossible to get money upfront to pay for a bucket. On Harri-A-Bail, we just ask that 35% of our fees be down and we will put you on a payment plan so you can pay your fees within a realistic timeframe.

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